Piano lessons for your child in Culemborg

Why piano lessons for children?

Do you live near Culemborg and are you considering piano lessons for your child? First of all, playing the piano is not only a great way for your child to be creative, it also stimulates musicality and self-expression, it is a gymnastic exercise for the brain and helps develop more discipline and a larger attention span.

And what a gift: when you learn to play an instrument, you are developing a skill that you can enjoy for the rest of your life.

Content of the piano lessons for children

Young children learn the principles of piano playing in a playful manner. We work on topics such as: keeping time, basic playing technique, aural skills and learning to practice independently.

I teach in a way that matches the world of experience of your child, where your child discovers the piano while having a lot of fun. As soon as your child is familiar with the piano and can play simple songs by ear, musical notation will also be introduced. I use common teaching methods, such as Hal Leonard or John Thompson. I always make sure that the pieces your child plays are not be too complicated, but also not too simple. In this way, there is always something new to discover and your child will become more and more skilled at the piano in small steps and continue to play with great pleasure.

I also like to involve you as parents in the study process so that you know how to help your child learn to practice at home.


The piano lessons for your child take place in my piano studio right in the centre of Culemborg. In the piano studio there is a beautiful Weinbach piano on which I teach starting students. Advanced students play on my Bechstein grand piano from 1890. Due to the presence of two pianos, I can also easily accompany students. In addition, I have two harpsichords for students who are interested.

All my instruments are tuned regularly. The studio is spacious and has fine acoustics. Furthermore, is centrally located in the city on the ground floor of a historic house dating from the seventeenth century.

Lesson times

I teach on Mondays and Tuesdays throughout the day and in the evening. I teach on a weekly basis, with a minimum duration of half an hour. Of course also possible to take longer piano lessons.

The piano lesson year starts after the summer holidays and runs parallel to the school year, with lesson-free weeks during the school holidays. After taking a trial lesson, registration for the entire year is possible, with a trial period of one month. If you decide to continue your piano lessons after the trial period, there is a notice period of three months. Depending on the school holidays and public holidays, a lesson year consists of 35-40 teaching weeks.

Registration is possible at any time during the year. Feel free to contact me to schedule a trial lesson.


For piano lessons on a weekly basis the following rates apply: a 30-minute piano lesson costs €26, a 45-minute piano lesson costs €39. Longer piano lessons on a pro rata basis are of course also possible.

Up to the age of 21 the piano lessons are free of VAT. In Culemborg there are a number of interesting schemes for financial support for cultural activities for children, more information (in Dutch) can be found here.

A 30-minute trial lesson costs €20 including VAT and will be paid in cash or transferred immediately after the trial lesson.

At registration after the trial period, the piano lesson costs are paid in advance for the entire lesson year. You can do this in one go for the entire lesson season, or in two installments.